Hobgoblin Warlord


Sinruth is a hobgoblin with greater aspirations than a life spent preying on the fringes of civilization. He listened closely at the campfires when his fathers and uncles told tales of the Red Hand of Doom, a mighty army that ran across the land like a scythe. And when he became an adult and a leader of his own band of hobgoblins, he found a cache of tunics and weapons left behind by that army.

Sinruth felt his destiny calling. He declared himself the new Warlord of Sinruth’s Hand (as he named the group), emblazoned every possible surface with a crudely painted, downward thrusting red hand insignia, and set about recruiting the massive army that he felt was his birthright.

But starting an army isn’t as easy as those campfire tales led Sinruth to believe. Fortunately for him, Sinruth was able to broker a deal with Sarshan, a Shadar-Kai arms dealer for weaponry and intelligence. Modra, a dark creeper from the Shadowfell, and lieutenat for Sarshan was appointed to oversee the operation. Iranda, a Dark One Emissary was subseqently assigned to handle the logistics of the deal. With Sarshan’s weapons, Sinruth planned to conquer the town of Brindol and eventually the entire region.



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